An efficient epilation in total comfort is possible with Rowenta

Dreaming of a flawless skin up to 4 weeks ?
Discover electric epilators and their many perks. Enjoy a perfect and long-lasting result quickly, without any pain. Rowenta reveals all its secrets to an efficient and comfortable epilation.

Rowenta, a pioneer in ELECTRICAL DEPILATION

Electrical Depilation illustrations

Rowenta was among the first companies in the 80s to create epilators, and has become a pioneer in electrical depilation.

From the very beginning, we have offered epilators which are a concentration of know-how in precision mechanics. Our expertise is confirmed by the 33 patents we filed over the years and by all the technical details of our epilator head – the heart of performance.

It has been 30 years since we launched our first epilator, but our mission hasn’t changed : we want to offer innovative epilation solutions to make this routine more comfortable. With Rowenta, enjoy silence, comfort, and many more technologies.

And for more reliability, each of our epilator is made in France and repairable 10 years.

Reparable 10 years Made in France

What are the qualities of an efficient EPILATOR ?

  • Quick
  • Long lasting
  • Not painful
  • Does not leave hairs
  • Does not irritate the skin

Did you know ?

The performance of epilators doesn't depend only on the number of tweezers, but mostly a combination of technologies.

The tweezers must catch the most of hairs in one stroke.
Each time one of the tweezers catches a hair, it mustn’t escape from it.

Epilators need the right technology to catch the hairs straight.

Advanced head technology THE WAY TO PERFORMANCE

An efficient epilator is like a nice watch, the mechanism is the key.

At Rowenta, we developed a unique epilator head with micro-mechanisms to make sure that epilation becomes a pleasant experience.

Our epilator head removes a maximum of hairs in one stroke, even the shortest ones.

No hairs are missed, the epilation is quick with a long-lasting and perfect result.


Rowenta epilator head is composed of more than 40 different pieces. Some of them are smaller than a millimeter.


With 1500 rotations of the depilation head per minute and 200 opening and closing of the tweezers per second, Rowenta's epilator head guarantees you of an efficient epilation.

Rowenta advanced epilation performance

Our epilator head removes a maximum of hairs in one stroke and even the shortest ones. No hairs are missed, the epilation is quick with a long-lasting and perfect result.

  • Removes all the hairs,

    thanks to high-precision tweezers which combine wide opening with optimal pressure to precisely remove even the shortest hairs (0.5mm) without breaking them.

  • Removes a maximum of hairs in one stroke,

    thanks to the Hair guiding system which lifts efficiently lying hairs and orientates them towards the tweezers for optimal efficiency in one stroke.

  • Makes depilation faster,

    thanks to a large active depilation surface designed to cover an optimal surface of skin to remove a maximum of hairs in one stroke for a faster depilation.

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