A shared eco-responsibility* with you!

It’s impossible to ignore the need to protect our planet for much longer. It’s high time that we preserve our natural resources, limit greenhouse gas emissions as well as reduce waste.

Although small electrical appliances aren’t the biggest consumers of energy, every little effort helps. Today we want our household appliances to be both effective, ecological and long-lasting. Eco-responsibility* symbolizes Rowenta’s commitment to sustainable development.

Rowenta Our aims for 2020

  • -20 %

    the energy consumption of its products

  • -20 %

    the energy consumption of production sites

  • -20 %

    Green house gas emissions

  • +20%

    recycled materials

Recycling and raw materials: a starting point for the Eco-responsibility race

Above all, Rowenta endeavors to pay particular attention when selecting raw materials and suppliers in order to take an ecological approach.
Similarly, the brand favors recycled materials and develops them so they are just as efficient as new materials.

A recyclability rating has even been created for the occasion! Appliances are designed with a limited number of materials to facilitate dismantling and the sorting of waste. Rowenta allows us to give a second life to materials which have previously been used up in our old devices.

What would you say to a product which is repairable for 10 years?

The durability of products is also a ‘made by Rowenta’ innovative perspective. Why throw away an appliance which can readily be repaired?
Rowenta wants to put a stop to this waste and endeavors to make its products easily repairable with elements which can be independently removed.

The brand is a pioneer in this respect and has also launched a ‘repairable product for 10 years’ program in France.
It therefore becomes more worthwhile for consumers to drop off their appliance in an appointed repair center than to throw it away and replace it with a new one.

In 2016, Rowenta has decided to make its customers, in particular, aware of this repair facility. The consumer wins and nature says thank you in return.